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Due to endianness diff between aix and linux a simple backup and restore isn't working. I had to use db2look and db2move utilities to extract/export, FTP and LOAD which is time consuming and needs a longer downtime. DB2–VTF Product.sql . 6. Last step, import all data . Db2move Product Import . Note: This command is to be executed in the directory of those files (*.ixf *.msg) that come down from the third small download .

Db2 aix to linux

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This post is desgined to help explore an existing database to understand what directories and filesystems are in use. This is specific to Linux and UNIX, though some portions would give useful information on Windows as well. DB2 for Linux,UNIX,andWindows Getting Started with Database Application Development Updated July, 2012 Version 9 Release 7 GI11-9410-02 if DB2 V8.2 onwards can restore Db2 backup from Linux to any Unix , and back , but not from Win to Linux/Unix. not possible from Z/OS to AIX , also from Z/OS concepts and AIX LUW concepts enterly different. I have been trying to install IBM DB2 on AIX from a Windows 8-64bit using a Remote connection. It has been 3 days and I haven't been able to succeed; Here is a list of everything I This DB2 client then must be able to connect to the DB2 database under AIX. That this DB2 client is available and can connect is something your Mainframe admin has to work out with your DB2 admin.

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The databases we have are large in size and their sizes are in TB’s. We have a few DB2 V9.5 databases (largest around 100GB) on AIX and need to migrate them to an existing V10.1 instance that's on Linux.

Find DB2 Workgroup Server Edition Version 10.5 and click Install New. At the Welcome page, click Next.

Db2 aix to linux

figurE 2.2E: aix functional application to EntErprisE linux functional application The migration of an ISV functional application is very similar to Scenario 2, AIX infrastructure application to Red Hat Enterprise Linux infrastructure application, discussed earlier in this document. 2020-09-22 · The model is built on Linux running on an IBM Power enterprise server using H20 Driverless AI with data from DB2 running on AIX. After the training is completed, the model is saved in the MOJO format, which is deployed on AIX system for scoring using Java. This is explained in detail in the following sections. Se hela listan på I had made backup from remote IBM DB2 server in AIX using this command: ./db2 backup database DBEMP to /home/dbemp/backup Then I grab the backup file using FTP Client from my Windows.
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Db2 aix to linux


Har AIX- och IBM  Vi klonade nyligen vår DB2-databas som fanns på AIX-plattformen och skapade en ny DB2-databas på Linux-plattformen.

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2016-11-22 DB2–VTF Product.sql . 6.