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If the TPS is bad, the tapping will cause the voltage numbers to skip or go blank. 2018-12-01 · The following are shortcut keys for the Eclipse TPS that I thought could have potential use throughout the treatment planning process. To learn all of the shortcut keys, press F1 to open up ‘RT and Imaging Online Help’, and search for the keyword ‘shortcut’ to view all of the shortcut-related topics. Note: Occaisonally a TPS will need the moon shaped grooves honed out a bit with a rat tail file to get enough adjustment, but normally the trick of moving the sensor as far foward as possible gives enough adjustment. Also, be very careful around the little roll pin that rests on the throttle lever, since it can bend or break.

2g eclipse tps sensor adjustment

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Verify that the voltage between pins 2 & 4 is .4-1 volt with the feeler 2G How to Adjust the Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) 1. Loosen the 2 TPS screws. 2a. Loosen the throttle cable bracket bolts 99 Eclipse GSX bad TPS Sensor ( - YouTube. 99 Eclipse GSX bad TPS Sensor ( Watch later.

Order Mitsubishi Eclipse Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) online today. Free Same Day Store Pickup.

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Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly 2016-02-12 · Open your Mitsubishi Eclipse hood and locate the throttle body. Pull out the metal clip that retains the TPS connector and disconnect he throttle sensor.

2g eclipse tps sensor adjustment

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2g eclipse tps sensor adjustment

Remove the sensor’s electrical connector. Usually, this has a tab you can push down to slide it off. 3. For the sensor itself, it is often affixed with screws, so use a screwdriver. 4.

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